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Premium Cuticle Human Hair Brand

XQ is a renowned hair wig brand offering softer and glossy extensions to choose from. Your money will worth as these extensions will last for a long time. XQ cuticle remy human hair comes with many features and great quality. They are less flammable and are much more resistant to curling irons. You can get custom-made XQ cuticle remy hair according to your unique interest and tastes. There is a wide variety of cuticle remy XQ extensions are available to choose from. Remy extensions are premium wigs when hair quality is considered.

XQ cuticle remy hair is put in the same level after being removed that lets the hair to stay undisturbed and make the unit last longer and more durable. These are different from regular wigs as they all bear a unique cape which is made from transparent lace. Each strand of hair is precisely attached by hand to the lace and this make cuticle XQ remy hair a premium product. Remy XQ cuticle hair extensions provide a more natural look because the wrapping around the forehead and ears are much difficult to see.

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