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ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid HAVANA TWIST 14"


Janet Collection Crochet Braid 4x Mambo Coily Faux Locs 18"

$4.99 $2.50

ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid NUBI TWIST 2 Bundle Pack 10"


ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid HOLLYWOOD WAVE BRAID 18"


ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid CRIMP DREAD


Isis Afri Naptural Synthetic Senegal Braiding 2X BANTU TWIST 12"

$5.88 $4.12

Afri Naptural TWB11 2X SENEGAL BANTU TWIST 24"


ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid SENEGALESE BIG BRAID 20"


Freetress Synthetic Crochet Box Braid Large


Isis Afri Naptural Synthetic Crochet & Braid MALI BOB 3 Pcs


Equal Synthetic Double Strand Style Braiding (Havana) CUBAN TWIST 24


Weaving Needle Curved


Styrofoam Head With Face


Latch & Hook Crochet Hair Braiding Tool


1 Pack of Hair and Nail Accessories Collection: Hair Ring


Annie ONE SIZE 300 Rubber Bands Black 3147


Beshe Synthetic Kinky Twist Braid


Freetress Equal Synthetic Braiding Havana CUBAN TWIST 16"


Weaving Needle J


Weaving Needle Straight

Showing 361-380 of 380 item(s)

Braiding Hair

Elegant and dressy look in braiding hairstyle

Braiding is a unique hairstyle method made of inter twining hundreds of little solitary strands of hair. This look is a mainstay for almost anyone these days from celebrities to surfers. If maintained properly, hair braiding will last for more than a few months. We have a wide selection of braided hairstyles from renown brands that are sought after from all over the world. A Braided hairstyle is a trendy look for both men and women. The installation of this style is a very demanding and time consuming process but it can be kept for quite a while even several months so may be worth the sacrifice.

Braids can be accessorized with a choice of beads and orgnaments. You can interlace beads into the strands and this will give it a dynamic, multicolored look! Also, attaching hair accessories to the bottom of every strand is possible with a choice of beads, clips and jewels. This will give diversity to your braiding hairstyle and make it elegant and stylish.