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Mane Concept Afri Naptural 3X Pre-Stretched Senegal Twist Braid 20 SB302


Sensationnel Lulutress Crochet Braid Luna Locs 18"


Beshe Synthetic Crochet 4x Jumbo Jerry 9" CJJ4X9


Mane Concept Faux Remi Caribbean Bundle Crochet Braid CB12 Cork Screw

$7.99 $5.59

Beshe Goddess Loc Deep Crochet Braid C.GD320


Afri Naptural Crochet TWB301 3X Pre-Stretched Box Braid 20"


Bobbi Boss Crochet Faux Locs Bomba Dreadlocks SOUL 12"


Harlem 125 Synthetic Braiding Hair KIMA Braid Ocean Wave 20"


Bobbi Boss Synthetic Crochet Braid NU LOCS CURLY TIPS 20"


Janet Collection Crochet Braid 2X Mambo Rockin' Locs 12"


Bobbi Boss Crochet Braid Faux Locs Bomba DREAD 20"


Freetress Crochet Braid 2X Soft Curly Faux Loc 12"


Zury Naturali Star Crochet Braid V8910 Wanda Curl 8",9",10"


Outre X-Pression Synthetic Crochet Braid KINKY CURL 24"


Zury Naturali Star Crochet Braid V8910 Water Wave 8",9",10"

$14.88 $8.93

Bobbi Boss Premium Brazilian Crochet Braid Cosmo Curl 6" 2X

$4.88 $4.39

Afri Naptural Crochet SB301 3X Senegal Twist 20"


Styrofoam Head With Face


Afri Naptural Synthetic Crochet Braid 3D CUBIC TWIST JUMBO 20"

$9.88 $6.92

Afri Natural Remi Fiber Crochet Braid SENEGALESE TWIST SB08


Afri Naptural Natty Faux Locs 18"


FreeTress Crochet Braid LONG LARGE BOX BRAID


Beshe Synthetic Crochet Braid Senegal Twist Value Pack 14", 16", 18"


Beshe Crochet Braid C.GLOC318 3X Goddess Locs 18"

Bobbi Boss Forever NU Super Yaky Crochet Braid 22"

Bobbi Boss Forever NU Super Yaky Crochet Braid 22"

$6.88 $2.75

Afri Naptural Crochet Braid 2X Caribbean Aruba Soft 10" CB2X20


Model Model Glance Crochet Braid Goddess Loc 20"


Mane Concept A-fri Naptural Definition X Braid 84"


Bobbi Boss Crochet Braid Bae Locs 12"


ZURY Synthetic Crochet Braid HOLLYWOOD WAVE BRAID 18"

Showing 1-30 of 394 item(s)

Braiding Hair

Elegant and dressy look in braiding hairstyle

Braiding is a unique hairstyle method made of inter twining hundreds of little solitary strands of hair. This look is a mainstay for almost anyone these days from celebrities to surfers. If maintained properly, hair braiding will last for more than a few months. We have a wide selection of braided hairstyles from renown brands that are sought after from all over the world. A Braided hairstyle is a trendy look for both men and women. The installation of this style is a very demanding and time consuming process but it can be kept for quite a while even several months so may be worth the sacrifice.

Braids can be accessorized with a choice of beads and orgnaments. You can interlace beads into the strands and this will give it a dynamic, multicolored look! Also, attaching hair accessories to the bottom of every strand is possible with a choice of beads, clips and jewels. This will give diversity to your braiding hairstyle and make it elegant and stylish.