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Mane Concept

Mane Concept was established to provide the best in hair products for the professional woman of color who is often on the go in today's fast-paced world. The ISIS Collections provides our customers with good quality hair. Our hair is 100% human and synthetic. We provide a wide range of selections in human and synthetic hair products. Our products are ranked #1 throughout the country and can often be found on some of the heads of the most popular celebrities in entertainment. ISIS Collection is the company most known for their innovative and creative vision. We are the first to come out with the latest in weaved hair technology. Not only is the ISIS Collection tangle-free, ISIS Collection provides flexibility to create the most fashionable styles. Applied properly, the ISIS Collection does not damage hair during the weaving process. Our colors are the best on the market. Our ability to match our products with all of the various skin complexions. ISIS Collection and even match as customers look to purchase hair that coordinates with their natural hair color. We guarantee your full satisfaction or we would not be the top ranked professional hair product providers.